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Vacuum Pumps System Upgrade

NAME OF PROJECT: Vacuum Pumps System Upgrade

LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville


CLIENT: Engineering & Building Services, SA Health

Design and installation of two tank mounted stand alone vacuum systems, each comprising three vacuum pumps and two large biomedical filters, as well as the power supply and control units. The two systems were linked with themselves and the rest of the hospital through 3 copper pipes.

Modern hospitals require generation of continuous vacuum in their wards for sanitary reasons. Therefore, the main challenge of the project was to connect and put the new vacuum units on line with minimum disruption to the hospital system. To facilitate this, all the installation work and most of the pipework had been done upfront leaving out the breaking into the existing system, only. Then, the breaking-in was carried out on an appointed night, just after midnight, when the demand for vacuum was at its lowest level.

Successful implementation, validated by commissioning immediately after the integration with the hospital's system. The capacity of the units guarantee generation of ample vacuum for the hospital.


  • High quality equipment
  • Modern control system
  • Operation on lead leg or time based scheme to share the load

Customer pleased with the support and flexibility required to accommodate their requirements.