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Hydraulic Power System

LOCATION: Edinburgh, South Australia

CLIENT: DSTO Missile Simulation Centre

Torque Industries designed a new hydraulic power unit, upgraded the existing hydraulic system, and replaced and extended the electrical supply and control system of the DSTO Missile Simulation Centre.

The project involved management, hydraulic, structural and electrical design to Safety Category 3 requirements, manufacturing, installation, integration with the Missile Simulation Control Unit, commissioning and documentation of the upgraded system.

The hydraulic design involved energy efficient load sensing system, space efficient integrated circuits (through purpose designed manifold blocks), safety valves, oil reservoirs with heaters, air cooling, filtration, pipework and instrumentation.

The electrical design involved safety valves, a safety PLC, interlocks and switches, touch-screens, all programming, Ethernet network, a power distribution board, cabinet layouts and wiring circuits.

The initial scope of the project was increased to extend the Safety Category 3 requirements and the modernised control system onto the entire upgraded hydraulic power system. All the design work, programming, fabrication, installation, commissioning, documentation and project management were done by Torque Hydraulics personnel.