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SA Water Nitrogen Generator System

NAME OF PROJECT: Nitrogen Generation System

LOCATION: SA Water House, 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA

CONTRACT PERIOD: 2010 - 2015



Torque Industries/IPS Automation was selected as the lead contractor to manage the design, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning and handover of a Nitrogen Generator System to SA Water.


SA Water had decided to move away from bottled nitrogen and install a Nitrogen Generator, instead, to supply the gas to the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) laboratories. The generator was required to supply 460Nl/min of high purity nitrogen, ie 99.99% at a pressure of 11 bar. The complete system included an air compressor, pressure vessels, filters, driers, nitrogen generator, flow meter, control valves, instrumentation, monitoring system (integrated with existing Building Monitoring System, and accessible through Internet), and extensive pipe work, running through all levels of the building. The hydraulic schematic design was done in Automation Studio and the 3D modelling and manufacturing drawings in Solidworks. The project required working in conjunction with sub-contractors and Facility Management during procurement, installation, testing and commissioning.


The leasing arrangements between the Building Owner and the tenants added a layer of difficulties that had to be overcome before the project could go ahead. Once those formalities had been in place, the system was installed, stage by stage, and commissioned successfully. Its performance can be checked at any time by those who have Internet access to the site.


Turn-key solution, including integration with existing pipe work and Building Monitoring System

  • Purpose designed interface for control and monitoring system
  • Remote checking of system performance through Internet access
  • 3D modelling for efficient manufacturing and installation
  • Main pipe size determined through pressure drop calculations
  • Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Installation reviewed by independent third party