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IPS Adhesive Dispensing System

LOCATION: Hewittson Road, Elizabeth West, South Australia

CLIENT: Hirotec Australia

Torque Industries (IPS Automation) designed and installed a two-pack adhesive dispensing system for car panels.

The design work involved construction of air-conditioned huts for the dispensing systems, a frame with a pneumatically actuated arm for mounting a dispensing gun, support structure for the supply hoses, and electrical wiring of the power and control system.

The system provided an electronic interface with the robot's control unit to dispense the adhesive at precise timing and in accurate doses (two-pack). The catalyst supply hose was heated to ensure the material's viscosity was correct for the process. The mobile arm of the gun mounting frame allowed lowering of the gun to a convenient and safe position for taking daily samples of the dispensed material.

All the design work, programming, fabrication, installation, commissioning, documentation and project management were completed by Torque Industries' (IPS Automation's) personnel.

The system operates successfully.