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USC Hydraulic and Control System for Structural Testing

LOCATION: Sippy Downs Drive, SIPPY DOWNS, Queensland


CLIENT:  University of Sunshine Coast


The project involved design, manufacturing and installation of a standalone hydraulic system consisting of a hydraulic power unit (HPU), high capacity chiller, remote control station, and a set of hydraulic cylinders, as well as a power and control system, with a mobile control console, for static and dynamic testing of structural elements.


The main challenge of the project was to design a system that would ensure stable operation under rapidly changing load conditions and demand for power, during dynamic testing at 1Hz and 2Hz, and to provide the specified range of adjustment for setting the test parameters. The dynamic load and oil flow demands, changing from 0 to over 300 lpm in a fraction of a second, were satisfied by pressure compensated, variable displacement piston pump and a hydraulic accumulator.  The controllability and responsiveness of the system were achieved by selection of the right electronic equipment and programming in LabView. All test parameters could be set from the mobile console via a colour touch screen, and the test measurements logged on a Data Acquisition System.


The system was programmed, partially, and Factory Tested, successfully, and then installed and commissioned on site. It has demonstrated Torque Industries' ability to provide a turn-key solution for applications requiring expertise in modern hydraulics and automation control technologies.


  • Total process control and monitoring from a mobile console
  • Sophisticated programming
  • Double rod hydraulic cylinders for dynamic testing, with integrated high performance proportional control valves, linear transducers and load cells
  • HPU designed to fit in a small room
  • Quite operation of the HPU and the chiller
  • Safety interlocks with time delay for opening the gates (allowing time for pressure dissipation)