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Ergonomic Work Stations





AME System provides a complete solution for versatile storage and workstations. There is a range of ready to assemble desks and workstations designed on ergomic priniples to maximise worker efficiency, safety and job motivation. Height adjustable units can be adjusted with the touch of a button, adjustable shelves and storage bin position are just some of the features designed to increase efficiency while reducing fatigue. Made from high grade aluminium AME System workstations will stand the test of time in the most demanding situation. Assemble yourself or allow us to provide you with the complete solution and start seeing the benefits of the AME System straight away.

AME System designs can be customised to suit individual requirements and the flexibility of the AME System allows one-off units to be custom made economically. Design your own or have our trained staff help design a solution to meet your exact requirements. 

Contact us for further information or to arrange a written quotation. Visit the AME System website to view or download a full product catalogue.