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Rinnai Laser Table Vacuum Panel Lifter

LOCATION: Regency Park


CLIENT: Rinnai

SERVICE: The purpose for this project was to eliminate manual handling of sheet metal panels to and from a laser cutting table which required two operators. Panels were often damaged or scratched when placed by hand onto the laser table and the operators had to lean over to position them.

A vacuum lifting unit supported by a free standing overhead crane system was designed and developed to overcome OHS issues, panel damage and reduce this operation to one operator.


The vacuum system had to lift blank panels from a storage table onto the laser machine and then transfer profiled panels to another storage table.

The operator had to be remote from the panels when being lifted and transferred.

Manual traverse from one position to another had to be freewheeling and require minimal effort.

The vacuum system had to inherently safe to prevent panels being accidentally released.

No pressure was to be applied to the panels when picking them up or lowering.

The vacuum head had to be adjustable to cater for different size panels and profiles.


A free standing Safetech crane with 9 metre traverse was installed with a nested trolley to support the lift system.

The lift head comprises of two separate vacuum systems, each able to comfortably support double the maximum sheet weight of 30kgs.

Vacuum health is monitored and will prevent the panel from being lifted unless both systems meet the required vacuum level.

Weight detection via back pressure sensing of pneumatic lift cylinder prevents the panel from being released until fully landed on the laser or storage tables.


  • Minimise manual handling
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Elimination of panel damage
  • Inherently safe
  • Pneumatically operated and controlled
  • Fully adjustable vacuum lifting head
  • Low cost solution


We have been pleased with this project so far and will definitely keep you guys in mind for any upcoming projects. Really appreciated the way you guys listened to our needs and worked with us to get the results we needed. Happy to provide recommendation for any of your clients if required.

Daniel Burg
Maintenance Supervisor, Rinnai Australia