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Australian Submarine Corporation

LOCATION: ASC – North, Osborne


CLIENT: Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC)

SERVICE: Submarine Lifter – Transfer System Refurbishment 


 The transfer bogies and load monitoring systems had been in service for over 25 years and although regularly maintained more significant repairs were required. To this end there was a requirement to inspect and assess the condition of all bogies (43 in total) and carry out repairs to ensure all bogies continue to operate safely, effectively and reliably in the future.

Along with this equipment, a Load Cell Control Consul System was upgraded replacing the existing 40-unit load meters with an electronic screen which is capable of providing data logging such that loads are recorder against time. The new screen also shows alarm set points and history.

A purpose-built bogies test rig used for calibrating load cells and setting of the decent rate of hydraulic lift cylinders on the was refurbished, strengthened and modified. FEA testing was conducted to ensure the rig was capable of withstanding the forces generated. A hydraulic cylinder and power pack were added to the rig to provide a constant load to set the bogie lift cylinders decent.


With consultation and cooperation from ASC personnel, all work carried out on the transfer system was completed and tested prior to leaving our workshop and has since lifted the submarine at ASC successfully.


  • Refurbish lift cylinders
    • Modify cylinder to accommodate gland removal
    • Design and manufacture special tooling to remove glands
    • Nut cracking machine (66,000ft/lb) required for glands removal
    • Supply new and or rework cylinder components
    • Test and record
  • Hydraulic Systems
    •  Performance testing and recording of existing equipment
    • Service power packs
    • Replace faulty equipment and retest functionality
    • Replace all pipework with stainless steel
    • Final testing, recording and reporting
  • Structural Work
    • Crack testing
    • Repairs to components as required
    • Repainting to ASC specification
  •  Test Rig
    • FEA testing
    • Concept and design to incorporate hydraulic load cylinder and power pack
    • Fabrication / modification
  •  Control Console
    • Design system to replacement load cell meters
    • Supply and install equipment electronic screen
    • Program
  • Electrical Systems
    • Rewire and replace all conduits
    • Inspect control cabinets and circuitry
    • Record and report faults
    • All repairs and work to AS3000