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Becker Pumps

Why Becker?


Becker, founded in 1885 have been developing and manufacturing vacuum pumps longer than most of the other pump manufacturers currently in the market. Becker were the first to develop several of the innovations and technologies that have been replicated across the industry. Continuous research and development provides significant benefits to Becker users, reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance and longer service life are benefits enjoyed worldwide by Becker customers.


Becker manufactures vacuum pumps in a number of basic designs that can fit your needs exactly. You no longer have to settle for a pump that is a compromise. The Becker range includes;

  • 100% oil free capable of operating at 100 mbar abs (depending on model).
  • Oil lubricated vacuum pumps for operation at 0.25 mbar abs (depending on model) and a new range soon to be released that is capable of operating at 0.1 mbar (depending on model).
  • Combined pressure/vacuum pumps capable of operation to 9 psig and 610 mbar simultaneously. Low pressure oil-less compressors for operation to 25 psig.
  • Single and two stage regenerative blowers, with or without variable speed control.
  • Central vacuum systems in both 100% oil free and oil lubricated designs.

High Quality

Becker is ISO 9001 certified, the highest international quality level attainable. In addition all Becker pumps are CE compliant

You need look no further than Becker for your vacuum solution.

Ensure long reliable service life by using only Genuine Becker Vanes

For peak performance, long wear, and precise tolerances, nothing compares to Genuine Becker Vanes. Developed by the inventor of dry vane pumps, Genuine Becker Vanes have decades of extensive research behind them. Not to mention they have been explicitly designed to keep Becker pumps in optimal condition for a longer life and less downtime.

While all vanes may look the same, those sold by pump rebuilders and parts suppliers are much harder, have shorter vane life, and cause pumps to run hotter leading to premature bearing failure and a shorter pump life. Genuine Becker Vanes, on the other hand, have been developed specifically to benefit Becker pumps and you.

PRECISE COMPOSITION - Promotes long life with a durable graphite compound and resin binder

IDEAL HARDNESS - Eliminates premature wear or pump cylinder damage

SPECIALISED BINDERS - Meets each model's differing needs

EXACT SURFACE FINISH - Prevents rapid wear and high noise levels

PRECISELY MACHINED TOLERANCES - Prevents sticking and resists cupping

All Genuine Becker Vanes are identified with a "BG" followed by a series of manufacturing numbers. These numbers are etched into each vane's non wearing edge. If the vane varies from this format in any manner it means that the part is not a Genuine Becker Vane.

So why pay less now for a low-quality knockoff vane when you'll have to pay more later for costly downtime and pump replacement.

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