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TX / RX Mini

TX Mini

The industrial remote control has 2, 3, 4 or 6 control buttons. Based on an individual configuration, the button assignment can be adapted to the requirements of the customer. By default, the industrial remote control has an emergency stop switch. Optionally, different speeds can be driven by 2-stage control buttons.

RX Mini

The RX Mini is used, where a very large number of outputs is not needed. By default, the transmitter is encapsulated, providing extremely high protection against water, dust and shocks.
The RX Mini is the small, compact receiver of the ICARUS family. The potted housing guarantees protection against water and dirt (protective class IP 67) and is extremely sturdy.
Up to 24 transmitters can be logged on and off. At any time, the status as well as the error messages of the recipient can be read out based on the existing LEDs.

Possible applications:

Electric motors, pumps, presses, lifting platforms, winches, electric chain hoists and cranes for towing vehicles, recovery vehicles, axle steering, dump trucks, tail lifts, side loaders, conveyor belts, concrete pumps, construction lifts, log splitters, agricultural and forestry machines, and many more