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Wine Filtration Specialists

Parker DH wine filters are constructed of very inert materials. When compared to filters of Nylon construction the filters exhibit significantly less binding & removal of wine components (other than the physical material you are trying to remove like particulates, colloids & micro-organisms) such as colour or aroma. This lower binding characteristic therefore better preserves the organoleptic properties of the wine.

An additional benefit is that if less material is removed from the wine the filters last longer, batch to batch & also exhibit quicker & more complete clean-up at the end of each packaging cycle, potentially saving on both time & water / detergent cost.

All the filters are hot water or chemically sanitisable (steamable if required as well!) & the final filters are in-situ integrity testable.

Typically used Parker Domnick Hunter wine filters.

Our typical pre-filter, we propose the use of our Prepor PP filters which has a removal efficiency of 0.6um when challenged with particulate, it also has a measurable efficiency in regard to micro-organisms as well (as per the attached datasheet). It is a very fine polypropylene (PP) filter with the appearance of a membrane but has exceptionally high dirt capacity so offers extremely good particulate control coupled with significant micro-organism reduction capability. Use of such a fine pre-filter as this has been shown elsewhere to significantly extend the life of downstream filters & reduce overall packaging costs.

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