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Air Quality Standards

Maintaining Your Air Quality

Compressed air is an essential power source used by modern industry. Commonly regarded as the 4th utility after Electricity, Gas & Water, compressed air is unique as it is generated on-site rather than delivered by a service provider. This powerful utility however is not without it's problems. The efficiency of the compressed air system as well as the quality of end products can be affected by contamination in the air. Contamination comes from various sources and in many forms and unlike utilities supplied by a service provider, the quality of compressed air and the costs associated with its generation are solely in the hands of the user. As compressed air is generated on-site, the level of contamination removal provided is usually governed by the financial constraints of the user.

Today, many manufacturers offer products for the filtration and purification of contaminated compressed air, with products often being selected based only on their purchase cost, with little or no regard for the air quality they provide or the cost of operation throughout their life. Compressed air purification equipment is vital for the removal of system contamination, therefore when purchasing this type of equipment, air quality, energy efficiency & lifetime costs must always be considered.

Once installed, compressed air purification equipment must be regularly maintained to ensure that it is delivering the required air quality and operational costs are kept to a minimum. Therefore it is essential that the manufacturers recommended maintenance instructions are adhered to and the associated costs are factored into the annual maintenance budget for the production plant.

Having already identified the cost to your business of contaminated compressed air and the consequent need for high quality purification equipment, why compromise your air quality by not changing your filter element?

Air Purity Brochure