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Black Bruin High Speed Low Torque Motors


Compact Wheel Hub Motor

Black Bruin, LSHT Motors are the perfect fit for any wheel or drum application.  Black Bruin has a true rotating housing design with a precise balanced cam curve providing superior starting and constant ripple free output torque at low rpms.  Black Bruin offers the most compact drive package on the market.


Black Bruin offers mechanical freewheel with shift-on-the fly capabilities allowing the machine to operate at multiple speeds or towed at highway speeds. Hydraulic pressure is not required when using the mechanical freewheel feature.

Hydraulic Motors BB & BBC Information

BBC Series:



  • Displacement range from 28.2 in 3 to 337.1in3
  • Maximum pressures from 5800 psi to 6525 psi
  • Two speed capability with non preferred direction of rotation
  • Superior radial and axial load capabilities
  • Multiple speed options with shift-on-the fly
  • Multiple brake options

BBC Series Wheel Motor Information

BB Series:



  • Displacement range from 15.3in3 to 384.4in3
  • Maximum pressures from 5000 psi to 6525 psi
  • Two speed capability with shift-on-the fly
  • Superior radial and axial load capabilities
  • Multiple brake option


Hydraulic Motor BB Series Information

Hollow Shaft Motor:



  • Motor Displacement:  769in3 / Rev
  • Peak Pressure:  6500 psi
  • Intermittent Pressure:  5800 psi
  • Maximum Speed:  90 rpm
  • Maximum Power: 475 hp


Hydraulic Motor S Series Information



  • Harvester Rotators
  • Grapple Rotators
  • Black Bruin Links
  • Black Bruin Braces
  • Hydraulically Controlled Swing Damper


Rotator Information

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