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Other Equipment


Bins are an integral part of any recycling operation, whether they are for glass, cans, plastic or cardboard.

Bins will keep your operation neat and tidy while your products will be easy to move from place to place.

  • Glass Cullet Bins
  • Front Lift Bins
  • Semi - Solid / Mesh side Bins

Large production runs of bins are no problem. Let us quote you total yard replacement or ongoing fleet upgrade.

Densifiers (Spiker)

The Hydra-Pac DENSIFIER, or Spiker, has been designed to perforate plastic bottles prior to baling to enable all possible air to be removed during the baling process. This in-turn ensures maximum bale weights and eliminates the possibility of bales exploding while stored in the sun due to the trapped air expanding.

Densifiers can be modified to suit the customers requirement and can be mounted directly to a baler or as a stand alone unit.


Bottle Size From 4L to 375ml
Capacity 900 - 1000kg/hr
Reduction approx. 2:1
Loading Opening 650 x 450
Machine Weight 500kg
Electrical Motor 2 x 2.2kW - 415 Volt